Sunday, September 11, 2011

Time WAS ...

When America was at peace, WWll had ended, the troops came home to good paying unionized jobs, getting married, prosparity reigned, it was the 50's.
I had entered 1st grade, in a Lutheran Christian day school, and by the time I entered High School, I knew more about the Bible and Jesus than most minister's do today. So much of the Bible I learned to memorize. I got an excellant education, I appreciated being taught to think for myself, as well as the Bible stories, and academic subjects. All this my parents could afford because they both had good unionized jobs.  Our family brought a new car every two years.
We were indeed one Nation,  America,  we worked together, recently faught together, voted together, in elections so honest, that we helped third world countries to hold honest elections. Our 'Democracy' was the envy of the world.
We were known for helping our enemys to rehabilitate themselves, and their countries, like Jesus said "Love your enemy's." "Do good to those who hate you." "Pray for those who dispitefully use you." "Turn the other cheek." Matt.5:44
I was proud of my country than.

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