Sunday, September 11, 2011

Time WAS ...

When America was at peace, WWll had ended, the troops came home to good paying unionized jobs, getting married, prosparity reigned, it was the 50's.
I had entered 1st grade, in a Lutheran Christian day school, and by the time I entered High School, I knew more about the Bible and Jesus than most minister's do today. So much of the Bible I learned to memorize. I got an excellant education, I appreciated being taught to think for myself, as well as the Bible stories, and academic subjects. All this my parents could afford because they both had good unionized jobs.  Our family brought a new car every two years.
We were indeed one Nation,  America,  we worked together, recently faught together, voted together, in elections so honest, that we helped third world countries to hold honest elections. Our 'Democracy' was the envy of the world.
We were known for helping our enemys to rehabilitate themselves, and their countries, like Jesus said "Love your enemy's." "Do good to those who hate you." "Pray for those who dispitefully use you." "Turn the other cheek." Matt.5:44
I was proud of my country than.

What happened!!

It's as if the 'Devil' said to himself.. "What can I do to turn people away from Christ? Lets see, what don't people like.. They don't like to have other people 'push' a doctrine on them. They don't like being told that they are 'going to hell'. They don't like hearing about the 'wrath of God'. They don't like self-rightiousness! They don't like being judged. They don't like being looked-dowwn upon
How can people be taught these things? .. Thru constant repetition, people would believe that 'good is bad!' and 'bad is good!' Thru Television Evangelism. TV'S are in every home.
How can I get people to sit for this brain-washing? .. Thru Making-up false miracles, and taking credit for real ones.For promoting the belief that we are the 'only true church'.  
How can we finance this? .. A manditory 'tithe'
How can I keep the people from having charity or compassion for their fellow man? .. by having them give all their compassion to the 'unborn baby' above all else.   

Above all promote violence, yes tell them .. "Hate is good!" - Pat Robertson! "Reload", "Stick to your guns!" "Take your second amendment rights." "Class war!" "War on 'Christians'!"

Insist that you are being 'persecuted.'

Armigeddon may start anytime.

The devil has vitutally changed our language. Did you think that the word 'Liberal' meant something bad? No, the word Liberal means generous, and thats not bad. That is not 'God-less'. God gives liberally to His children. (generously)

The Devil Enter's Holy Ground.

The congrents having been fully prepaired for 'war' thru violence 'talk' - "We will conquer in your name,!" "Your going to Hell anyway." You are pro-abortion!" (the word is pro-choice.) All of this talk is untrue. But they, the false preachers and teachers, keep the anger and outrage stirred up, till some real living breathing actual children of God, get killed. The latest killing, congresswomen Gabriel Gifford was shot, but survived, I believe thru the many prayers of many Liberals, while even a 9 yr old girl died.

The hatred stirred up towards non-christians, could have been a factor of the Columbine martyer's, Hate is never good. and always effects mostly the haters, but for some sick individuals, it could feed into their psychosis.

I hope we are not seeing the beginnings of civil war in America. I know brother fighting brother and children their parents, is predicted in the Bible, but I sure don't want to see it in the land that I love.

Bringing Politics into God's house, to me, is like putting a septic tank on the alter near the crucifix, bread and wine. The sacred and profane!

My fellow Christians, the only true Church of God, is within you, as is the entire Kingdom of God, and it is NOT an empty Kingdom, nor can it be re-qualified by humans, open your mind, follow your heart, some websites that can help you on a journey back to home, I have linked on the right side.

Alter Call.

At many times throughout history, people have had to keep secret their spiritual ideals, throughtout Russia in the Natzi area, the jews wern't the only ones persecuted. Hate spreads! Let me give you an example. Group 'A' at first hates group 'B', than group A also hates the friends of group B, associates of the dreaded 'B's, Group C, because it jumped to the defence of group B, friends associates of group C. Hate continues to grow until Group A even hates some of their own group, finally hate hates itself, and committes suscide.

You can set up an alter in your home, a good place for your Bible, you can buy CD's in a Christian bookstore or online of all your favorite worship music, have on hand a red-letter Bible, and read only the red letter word's, the word's of Christ. The feelings of the Holy Spirit, rise up within you, they are not unique to any preacher or building. neithor are healings or miracles, ask the Lord when meanings arn't clear. You only need you, but friends are welcome. I love to read Psalms and many other books. burn incense, your home, your way. Give a tithe to someone needing help.

Divided We Fall!

The devil knows full well that dividing us assures our defeat, so, by bringing Republican politics into Gods house, he effectively forced an instant divide and the Democratic portion of the church was no longer welcome.  Oh! I know that they pretended to want me, but I heard them talking about what they can do about that "Liberal mind set." and sunday school became  lessons, about the  so called 'damage' Union's do, and why raising the minimum wage caused the price of everything to go up. 

I knew better, everything I had good in my life, including my unshakeable faith in God came from Union job money (the Christian day school) and I knew that the price of everything went up no matter what the minimum wage was.

Was I in Sunday School, or a political rally! I didn't want to take away from Jesus's teaching, so I quit the church.

"No man can serve two masters!" Matt 6:24   Eithor serve Jesus and the WHOLE Christian world, or serve Republican Politics!