Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Devil Enter's Holy Ground.

The congrents having been fully prepaired for 'war' thru violence 'talk' - "We will conquer in your name,!" "Your going to Hell anyway." You are pro-abortion!" (the word is pro-choice.) All of this talk is untrue. But they, the false preachers and teachers, keep the anger and outrage stirred up, till some real living breathing actual children of God, get killed. The latest killing, congresswomen Gabriel Gifford was shot, but survived, I believe thru the many prayers of many Liberals, while even a 9 yr old girl died.

The hatred stirred up towards non-christians, could have been a factor of the Columbine martyer's, Hate is never good. and always effects mostly the haters, but for some sick individuals, it could feed into their psychosis.

I hope we are not seeing the beginnings of civil war in America. I know brother fighting brother and children their parents, is predicted in the Bible, but I sure don't want to see it in the land that I love.

Bringing Politics into God's house, to me, is like putting a septic tank on the alter near the crucifix, bread and wine. The sacred and profane!

My fellow Christians, the only true Church of God, is within you, as is the entire Kingdom of God, and it is NOT an empty Kingdom, nor can it be re-qualified by humans, open your mind, follow your heart, some websites that can help you on a journey back to home, I have linked on the right side.

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