Sunday, September 11, 2011

Alter Call.

At many times throughout history, people have had to keep secret their spiritual ideals, throughtout Russia in the Natzi area, the jews wern't the only ones persecuted. Hate spreads! Let me give you an example. Group 'A' at first hates group 'B', than group A also hates the friends of group B, associates of the dreaded 'B's, Group C, because it jumped to the defence of group B, friends associates of group C. Hate continues to grow until Group A even hates some of their own group, finally hate hates itself, and committes suscide.

You can set up an alter in your home, a good place for your Bible, you can buy CD's in a Christian bookstore or online of all your favorite worship music, have on hand a red-letter Bible, and read only the red letter word's, the word's of Christ. The feelings of the Holy Spirit, rise up within you, they are not unique to any preacher or building. neithor are healings or miracles, ask the Lord when meanings arn't clear. You only need you, but friends are welcome. I love to read Psalms and many other books. burn incense, your home, your way. Give a tithe to someone needing help.

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