Sunday, September 11, 2011

Divided We Fall!

The devil knows full well that dividing us assures our defeat, so, by bringing Republican politics into Gods house, he effectively forced an instant divide and the Democratic portion of the church was no longer welcome.  Oh! I know that they pretended to want me, but I heard them talking about what they can do about that "Liberal mind set." and sunday school became  lessons, about the  so called 'damage' Union's do, and why raising the minimum wage caused the price of everything to go up. 

I knew better, everything I had good in my life, including my unshakeable faith in God came from Union job money (the Christian day school) and I knew that the price of everything went up no matter what the minimum wage was.

Was I in Sunday School, or a political rally! I didn't want to take away from Jesus's teaching, so I quit the church.

"No man can serve two masters!" Matt 6:24   Eithor serve Jesus and the WHOLE Christian world, or serve Republican Politics!

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